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Thank you for supporting the game for all of these years. Technology has rendered this game unplayable on modern systems, including the game's server software. Additionally, security across the client and server software was a huge risk. Thusly, I can no longer support the game.

I miss running my little online dungeon and hope to revisit it some day.


SilverQuest is an online multiplayer roleplaying adventure game. With retro visuals, a hip soundtrack provided by creative commons, this is an atmospheric, unique, and fun online game to play with small groups of friends. Explore dungeons, fight your way to the tops of towers, and unlock secret rooms filled with loot. A classic adventure awaits the bold!

This is a very, very old Windows game. It might not run properly on your machine. Before running the game, please run "register files.exe". An error will appear and this should allow you to play. Run "SilverQuest.exe"

If you are having trouble beyond that, I cannot help. The game was made in a very, very old engine that is no longer supported and that we do not have the source code to. If it's helpful to know, the engine is called XtremeWorlds (yes, that's right), and is entirely in VB6. If you are unable to run this game, we are very sorry!

Please send @SQGame a tweet if the server is down

You can also find global chat here—>